Levitetz Leadership Program

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Dear entrepreneurial leadership group members,

Please help us celebrate global entrepreneurship week, which runs from November 18 – 24. As part of the week, we are hosting a few events:

Global Entrepreneurship Week

* River Pitch is November 19 at the River Market from 5 to 9 pm. This is our third annual event, providing eight individuals with a $1,000 prize for the best 3-minute pitch in their 5 to 6 person group. The event is held for students, faculty, and community – anyone who wants to pitch an idea. Please let your students know about the event and encourage them to participate. Also, if you want to judge, we still need a few more people to help us out. Details can be found here:

River Pitch Competition

* Entreprepreneuering Day at The EDGE – November 20 with events from noon to 7 pm. Lunch with two business leaders in the innovation space, Alabama Power and Protective Life Corporation. Speakers will share what they are doing to support innovation, invention, and small businesses in our area. Lunch is served, and it’s on a first-come basis; please sign up if you can make it. Later in the evening, we will be hosting an exhibit and open house with EDGE tenants and companies/members. Also, from 5:30 to 6:30, we have a talk hosted by AIM on angel investing.

Entrepreneuring Day