LLP Light Bulb Award Recipients 2021






Caroline Yuk

Examining Effectiveness of ClearMasks During College Classes

The aim of this project is to test the efficacy of transparent masks upon communication and instruction. For a period of time, a professor will wear a clear mask for a class with a deaf/hard-of-hearing student, and we will administer pre-and post-tests through a survey and video interview format. In doing so, we will answer whether there were changes in quality of instruction and communication for both deaf/hard-of-hearing students and normal hearing students, as well as the level of comfort/feasibility of the masks for the professors.










Sydney Rogers

Resolving Transgender Health Disparities: A Meta-Analysis

Team Members: Sydney Rogers and Ricardo DeLeon

Transgender patients experience a multitude of difficulties within healthcare. Whether the difficulties stem from personal issues experienced by transgender patients or from pre-existing institutional issues within the field of healthcare, it is necessary that research should be dedicated to expanding knowledge on bridging these disparities. The aim of this study is to conduct a systematic review of current research to address, and propose solutions to, the institutional and personal obstacles that hinder transgender patients’ access to quality care.









Ariel Jones

Community Alternatives to the Criminal Punishment System

The prison industrial complex at the center of the United States’ criminal justice system perpetuates violence a carceral state claims to stop. Because this system is so deeply ingrained in our society, it is beyond reform and the only possible solution is to abolish it. The purpose of this research is to reimagine a world where community is central to our society, as opposed to punishment by a system that does not deliver the rehabilitation it promises.









Jackson Kerchis

Happiness Major Program:  Building a Positive Educational Intervention

The goal of this project is to create a happiness education program for college campuses by integrating business (market research, lean startup) and traditional research (surveys, literature reviews, subject-matter-experts) approaches. The intent is to run a pilot with at least eight students and identify marked increases in one or more areas of wellbeing after the program.